Texts Are Not The New Phone Call

Text messaging is getting out of hand. Asking a girl out via text message is lame and extremely lazy. So is dumping a girl via text. Pick up the phone!

These days men have become increasingly comfortable using their cell phones, Blackberries, and PDAs as modes of communication. I get it, it’s how our society is now structured, it’s how we conduct business, it’s how we communicate with our friends. But here’s the distinction- you are not his friend. You are a girl he wants to date- potentially a girlfriend or a wife. You’re not his homeboy or business associate (I wouldn't even dream of texting my business associates, by the way).

We women are partially to blame for this as we establish the bar in which men will treat us. We’ve ALLOWED men to get away with this kind of behavior by indulging it and engaging in it ourselves. Remember, in the beginning of a relationship you establish what you will tolerate and how he can and cannot treat you. Six months from now would you want your boyfriend to go days without having an actual phone conversation with you and, then somehow still manage to make it into your bed at the end of the day two or three times a week? What about a year from now, can you imagine having a “textual” relationship with your husband? Everything that makes face to face and voice to voice communication interesting is removed when texting. Further, don’t you want to hear the man that you’re interested in’s deep, smooth, sexy voice as opposed to reading a text with a smiley face at the end? :-)

There are times when texting is acceptable. For example:

Acceptable: I’m stuck in traffic, running about 10 minutes late.
Unacceptable: Meet for dinner Friday night @ 7, Gulf Stream?

Keep in mind this somewhat algebraic equation: Not calling + Texting = He doesn’t really want to talk to you = He’s just not that into you.

Manly men call, they don’t text.

So what do you do if your date texts? It’s quite simple, don’t respond. Ignore it and wait until he calls. This is another way of vetting men and separating the marginally interested from the seriously interested. If he wants to see you and make plans with you, he WILL call.